Unsuccessful IVFs

Product Definition

Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) refers to failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after transfer of at least four good-quality embryos in a minimum of three fresh or frozen cycles in a woman under the age of 40 years. The failure to implant may be a consequence of embryo or uterine factors. Unsuccessful attempts with the transferring of high grade embryos, due to thin (≤6 mm) endometrium, with or without variations in vascularity is called endometrial RIF. HeilaPearl is a natural intensifier for regenerative forces. HeilaPearl extract, purify and empower multiple regenerative molecules (growth factors) and an important anti-inflammatory (anti-destructive) factor, called “interleukin 1 receptor blocker” from your own blood. These molecules are able to regenerate endometrial tissue leading to successful implantation.
  1. HeilaPearl therapy is an autologous (from patient's own blood), natural (without any added medication or element) method.
  2. HeilaPearl is a cell-free serum containing high doses of more than 8 growth factors which are responsible for tissue regeneration in human body.
  3. HeilaPearl is a cell-free serum containing powerful anti-inflammatory molecule, interleukin-1 receptor blocker, which could be used as an effective anti-inflammatory medication in musculoskeletal disorders.
  4. HeilaPearl is safe with no reported serious, life-threatening complications.
  1. HeilaPearl is a natural product, with no external additives. It is compatible with your immune system and has no allergic reaction.
  2. HeilaPearl enhance joint repair by promoting cartilage survival and reduction of inflammation. Safety and efficacy of HeilaART is demonstrated in clinical trials.
  3. HeilaPearl preparation method is simple with similar results on each try.

How it Works


Draw Patient’s blood by Syringe


Let Blood Cells interact with BPT for 8 hours


Extract The Enriched Autologous Serum (ACS) from the blood


Inject the Serum to the Target Lesion

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20 ml (two HeilaPearl kits) of your blood is drawn (similar to lab test sampling), incubated and centrifuged to enrich and extract natural regenerative molecules (growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines).

A pure autologous serum is prepared with high concentrations of your natural growth factors.

The serum is infused intra-vaginally in to uterus.

HeilaPearl therapy is an out-patient process with no need for anesthesia.

There would be reports of localized pain or swelling in treated joint in some patients, which are limited and controlled by conservative management.

Need More Information

What is ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum)
ACS refers to a processed serum, obtained from patient’s own blood. ACS contains multiple highly concentrated innate proteins which are extracted from blood cells. These proteins have proven efficacy for prevention, treatment and alleviation of various chronic disorders in human and animals. No chemicals or drug are integrated with ACS during processing phase. ACS is safe with near to zero possibility of side effects for the patients.
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What is BPT and how can make a unique ACS?
Black Pearl Technology (BPT) is the latest generation of kits, designed for preparation of ACS in the world. BPT is a modified blood-taking syringe, containing coated glass beads. These glass beads are responsible to have a safe interaction with human blood cells and production of required proteins. More ...
ACS/BPT is more clinically powerful, less invasive for the patient and has fewer reported side effects in comparison to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in medical literature. More ...